2016 Dr K Trace Metal Salt Marshes VA

2016 Dr K Water Quality AMD and Marcellus

2016 Dr K Sources Turbidity Streams Central PA

2016 Persons Mercury Content Spiders

2016 Persons Submersion Tolerance Spiders

2016 Ricker Soil Geochemistry in Deltas of Susquehanna River

2016 Whisner Fishing Creek Hydro Watch

2015 Dr K Interactive Map West Branch Susquehanna

2015 Dr K Hydro and Sediment Modeling Council Run Marcellus

2015 Dr K Modeling Hydo and Sediment Patterns Marcellus

2012 Dr K Community Based Water Quality Monitoring

2012 Dr K Middle Branch Big Run AMD

2012 Holt Benthic Macro Diversity at Byer’s Island

2012 Holt Phytoplankton and Periphyton

2012 Mangan Mercury Distribution in Hellgrammites

2012 Mangan Mercury Gradient in Spiders

2012 Niles Impacts of Post Flood Instream Debris Cleaning on Fish Populations and Biomass

2012 Niles Short Term Response of Benthic Macroin to Flooding from Lee

2012 Petokas Crayfish Distribution

2012  Whisner Byer’s Island

2012 Whisner Byer’s Island (2)

2012 Zimmerman 2012 Water Quality Assessment

2012 Zimmerman Biological Response of 2 NC PA Streams after Sept 2011 Flood

2012 Zimmerman Farm Project Year 2

2012 Zimmerman NC PA Stream Habitat Restoration Projects

2011 Lock Haven University Citizen Based Monitoring Beech Creek

2011 Lock Haven University Geo Chemical South Renovo

2011 Mangan Crayfish

2011 Mangan Mercury Micrathena

2011 Mangan Mercury Salamander

2011 Susquehanna University Winter Diet American Mink

2011 Zimmerman Microhabitat Selection of Trout

2011 Zimmerman Unassessed Water

2010 Bloomsburg University Assessment of the Water Quality

2010 Bloomsburg University Water Quality In The Susquehanna

2010 Zimmerman Benthic Monitoring

2010 Mangan Hellgrammite

2010 Mangan Artifical Cover

2010 Lock Haven University Water Quality Marcellus Shale Beech Creek